Teaching Experience


Teaching and Training

Lectured on Conservation at many of the leading Conservation Training Programs including:

  • New York University, Institute of Fine Arts, Conservation Center,

  • Courtauld Institute, London

  • Istituto Cetrale del Restauro, Rome

  • Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Florence

  • Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi. Konservatorskolen, Copenhagen.

31 Oct, 2011
Doctora Honoris Causa, Cluj-Napoca University of Art and Design, adjunct professor.

May 85 ‑ 92
Board Referee, Courtauld Institute of Art post-graduate course in the Conservation of Wall Paintings.

Sep 72 ‑ Jan. 76
Adjunct Professor and Chairman Curriculum Committee for the Winterthur Museum, University of Delaware Conservation of Works of Art Post Graduate Training Program.

ICCROM Courses: Coordination/Direction/Lecturer;

1976 ‑ 1987 ICCROM, Conservation of Mural Paintings Course, Course Coordinator, Organizer, and Leturer.

1983 ‑ 1989 Unesco / ICCROM course on the Conservation of Stone, Venice. Course Coordinator and Lecturer.

1985 ‑ 1987 ICCROM, Course on the Conservation of Paper Objects, Course Coordinator in Rome and Venice.

Thailand: Oct. 80 ‑ Jan. 85 Ford Foundation contract to ICCROM for technical collaboration in Mural Painting Conservation with the Thai Department of Fine Arts, National Museum, Bangkok. Coordinator: Course on the Conservation of secco mural paintings in tropical climates. Supervised the conservation of secco mural paintings in sixteen temples around Thailand including Wat Pra Kaew in the Royal Palace and the conservation of the wall paintings in Wat Sutat, Bangkok.

Colombia: Sept. 87 ‑ Oct. 87 Coordinator of the Regional Course on the Conservation of Mural Paintings, held in Bogotá at the Santa Clara Center for
Restoration. (ICCROM, UNDP/ Unesco Regional Program, Lima/World Monument

Turkey: Nov. 81 For the Turkish Ministry of Culture, organized and conducted a short introductory course on the Conservation of Cultural property which served as the basis for selecting Turkish conservators for training abroad.

Peru: Nov. 85 Lecturer at UNDP/Unesco regional workshop on the conservation of Adobe, Chan Chan, Peru.

USA: July 82 ‑ Aug. 82 Seconded by ICCROM to the U.S. National Park Service, for the conservation of the painted plasters of the Mission of San Jose de Tumacacori, Arizona and the training of NPS staff in mural painting conservation techniques.

Australia: Oct. 84 Western Australian Museum, Lecturer, Workshop on the Preservation of Aboriginal Paintings, Perth