The International Center for Conservation


Detail during cleaning, Karanlık Kilise, Göreme Valley, Turkey

Detail during cleaning, Karanlık Kilise, Göreme Valley, Turkey


Responsibilities & partial list of projects


1976 – 1987

  • Chief Conservator/Restorer

  • Coordinator of the Conservation of Mural Paintings Course and Projects

  • Co‑Coordinator of the Unesco/ICCROM Conservation of Stone Course, Venice

  • Coordinator of Conservation of Paper Objects Course


Projects for National or International Organizations or NGOs

Al-Aqsa Restoration Committee
1983 - 1986
Supervised the project to restore the bombed and fire‑damaged paintings of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem (Recipient of the 1986 AGA KHAN Award for Architecture)

Al-Aqsa Restoration Committee under Unesco Contract
Inspected and drafted a proposal for the conservation of the wall paintings and painted stuccoes of the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Ford Foundation in Collaboration with the Thai Department of Fine Arts
1980 - 1985
Supervised the conservation of secco mural paintings in sixteen temples around Thailand including Wat Pra Kaew in the Royal Palace, Wat Sutat, Bangkok

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 
1982 - 1987
Supervised the conservation of the wall paintings and stuccoes in the Temple of Kubyaukki, Pagan, Myanmar

Unesco / UNDP Contract
1978 – 1982
Supervised the project to conserve the "Black Angels" painted ceiling of the Church of Debra Berhan Selassie, Gondar, Ethiopia

World Bank Contract
Assisted Dr. Harold Plenderleith in evaluating tourism’s impact on tombs in the Valleys of the Kings, West Bank, Luxor, Egypt

Unesco Contract
Assisted Dr. Harold Plenderleith, Dr. Giorgio Torraca, and Professor Paolo Mora in making conservation recommendations for the preservation of the wall paintings of the tomb of Nefertari, Luxor, Egypt

Turkish Ministry of Culture
1976 - 1983
Team member involved in the conservation of the Byzantine wall paintings of the Churches of Tokali Kilise and Karanlik Kilise, Göreme Valley, Turkey

National Park Service
Supervised the conservation of the painted plasters of the Mission Concepción Library, San Antonio, Texas (Recipient of the 1988 Award for the Preservation of Historic Architecture from the Texas Historical Commission)



Al Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem